My name is Harish and my life is about being honest, Successful, keeping family happy and above all being myself.

I am idealistic & loyal to my values & people important to me. Curious & quick to see possibilities. Catalyst in implementing new ideas. I understand people with whom I work & help them to fulfill their potential. I am adaptable until my cherished values are threatened.

Things that define me:

Honesty, Success, Family & Being Myself

Creative production, Counselling & Mentoring.

Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving (INFP)


Futuristic, Ideation, Strategic, Self-Assurance & Maximizer

Stand Out
Pioneer & Stimulator

When I am not working

Learning by reading new books. Being avid reader I am great fan of audio books on Audible ( Master level achieved ??) with 61 book in past 4 years.

Practicing mediation ( my own way!) to bring some sense into 55000+ thoughts I get in a single day.

Experiencing new food as Foodie by nature. Eaten every exotic thing you can imagine.

Travelling globally for work and Locally for family. Getting best of both.
..... and Spending time with my family, friends & enjoying my sweet home.


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